What is FormADFApp?

FormADF App is an application which enables Oracle Forms, Reports and ADF to run together under one roof. Build on rock-solid ADF foundation, it’s engineered to make the migration of Oracle Forms at runtime easier. And it’s designed to deliver the best intuitive experience possible.

Learn, use, love. It can’t be easier!

From the login screen you see when you start your application to the Forms you use every day, everything is designed to be easy and intuitive. The interface allows you to control all of your forms independently of their type – opening Oracle Forms, Reports and ADF forms in the tabbed panel. The dynamic menus give you an effortless way to access your Forms. You can bookmark your favorite forms. You can browse through your recently used forms. You can simply authorize a group of users to access your forms. You can define the menus using predefined structure. It’s so easy to use. You’ll love it.

Integration with SOA & BPM

One of the real benefits of FormADF App is that it opens place for using SOA and BPM. FormADFApp is based on Oracle ADF, which gives the advantage of feeding application with data retrieved via Web Services (both SOAP and REST). Upgrading from Forms, you can also start building your SOA application and take advantage of the benefits of this approach, such as reusability and architectural agility. Furthermore, FormADFApp can be integrated with BPM. You can use it as BPM task list application, by either incorporating the Oracle default BPM worklist component, or by creating a custom one in a separate UI page.

Use Oracle Forms, Reports and ADF together

The biggest advantage of FormADF App is that it allows you to use Oracle Forms, Reports and ADF together within one application, which makes the migration of Oracle Forms at runtime easier. You must know that it is not a migration tool. It eases your work and migration process of Oracle Forms. Imagine that you have an application with 100 Oracle Forms and you want to migrate them or start developing new forms using ADF, or both. The migration process is slow and complex, and auto migrating tools give a maximum of 80% success rate. Moreover, if you start to migrate the application manually, it will take too much time to finish the migration. Furthermore, if you add some new functionality, you have to create new forms or modify some of the existing ones. Furthermore, if you add some new functionality, you have to create new forms or modify some of the existing ones. Therefore, you have to change and modify your migrated application until it is complete and similar with the original one. This will require too much unnecessary effort. In contrast, with FormADF App you can work with your Oracle Forms and in the same time migrate some of them to ADF forms. Form by form the whole system will be migrated in an agile manner with no downtime. In the beginning, you have 100 Oracle Forms, then migrate 10 forms and you get a working system with 90 Oracle Forms and 10 ADF forms. Another case is when you have to change 5 Oracle Forms and create 10 new forms. In parallel with all these changes you will migrate all these forms, so finally you’ll have 110 forms – 85 of them will be Oracle Forms, and the other 25 will be ADF forms. Most importantly – during the whole process you’ll have a working system! In some moment in the future, you’ll have 100% ADF forms and the migration will be finished with no downtime and no rework. FormADF App can ease your work and migration process of Oracle Forms and Reports.

Security is crucial. We know it.

The in-built Oracle ADF Security provides a declarative and visual utilities for defining user roles and specify grants to valuable resources. You define what needs to be protected instead of thinking how it should be protected. User identities, enterprise roles, and application roles are critical for understanding Oracle ADF Security and Oracle platform security services. Additionally FormADFApp has an in-build mechanism to integrate with your existing Forms security and grants using Weblogic security and existing User/User Roles tables.


FormADF App comes standard with range of assistive technologies. It includes internationalization where you can select your language of use for the application. It includes user administration and personalization where you can grant different roles to the different users who can access only things you like. Moreover, FormADF App is accessible through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. You can easily personalize FormADF App or we can do it for you if some specific feature is needed.


1. How many Oracle Forms can I integrate into the application?
You can integrate as many Oracle Forms as you like. There is no limit. However, the Oracle Forms must be a version 10 or later.

2. How many ADF Forms can I add into the App?
There is no limit to the Oracle Forms that one can add to the FormADF App.

3. Is there any ratio that must be kept between Oracle Forms and ADF Forms in The App?
No. You can have only Oracle Forms, only ADF Forms or mix. There is no ration regulation.

4. Can I access it through a mobile device?
Yes. However, for a really perfect UI, addition development must be done using Oracle ADF mobile.

5. Can I change anything on the interface?
Yes, you can. However, if you don’t feel secure about doing it, you can contact us for help at anytime.

6. How much does it cost?
It depends on the package. Check out more at info@formadfapp.com

7. Do you include support?
Yes, we provide support depending on the package you need. The support we provide can be free of charge or can be additionally paid.

8. Will you migrate my Oracle Forms if I buy FormADF App?
We don’t include migration into FormADF App but we can help or do it for you if you contact us at info@formadfapp.com

9. Is it an automatic migration tool?
No it isn’t. It is a framework that allows you to work simultaneously with your Oracle Forms and ADF Forms under one roof.

10. How does it ease the migration process to ADF?
It eases the migration process by allowing you to migrate your Oracle Forms into ADF in an agile manner. In such a way, you’ll have a working system all the time and will be able to see how the migration goes. You’ll migrate Form by Form and receive users feedback. Moreover, you’ll see results since day one and not wait a year or more for the migration of all the Forms you have and then realise that the result is not good. Module by module, Form by Form, with the help of all the stakeholders, you’ll achive the needed results of the migration.

11. What are its primary benefits?
Its primary benefit is that FormADF App allows you to use your Oracle Forms together with your newer ADF Forms under one framework while experiencing some of the benefits of the ADF technology. Thus your users that are used to work with Oracle Forms will get gradually familiar with ADF so once you start migrating to ADF they’ll be prepared and won’t panic. Furthermore, FormADF App allows you to migrate your Oracle Forms to ADF one by one thus keeping your system working and making results visible almost daily. After the migration of every Form, which takes at most several days, you’ll gather feedback from the users and modify it if necessary without stopping your entire system. Additional benefits are better security, SOA & BPM integration possibilities, internationalization, better UI, web accessibility, options such as "Favourites", "Recently used" and many more.

12. Will you integrate my Oracle Forms into FormADF App?
We will, but it depends on the package you want. More at info@formadfapp.com

13. If I have questions how can I contact you?
You can contact us info@formadfapp.com. Our support is fabulous.

14. Do you provide trainings on ADF?
Yes, we do. You can see the resources here or contact us for individual trainings at info@formadfapp.com

15. Can I use simultaneously Oracle Forms and ADF Forms under FormADF App?
Yes, you can and this is simply wonderful.

16. Can FormADF App be integrated with BPM and SOA?
Yes. Please read more hear and if you need additional information contact us at info@formadfapp.com

17. Does FormADF App migrate Oracle Forms?
No, because FormADF App is not an automation migration tool.

18. Can I keep the old Oracle Form running while migrating it to ADF?
Yes. This is one of the benefits of using FormADF App. You can keep your Oracle Form and the newer ADF Form and thus give time to the users to adapt to the newer ADF technology.

19. With how many Forms can I work simultaneously?
FormADF App limits the simultaneously opened tabs/Forms to ten, because we want to ensure top performance of the application.